Whenever my daughter’s birthday rolls around, I get all nostalgic about the day she was born. I replay over and over again what I was doing/feeling/thinking at the time. This year I am remembering what I was doing FOUR YEARS ago at this time. Whaaaat?! I can hardly believe it.

And because I was thinking of that, I started thinking of my blog and how I never shared a post from her rootin’ tootin’ third birthday party last year.

I haven’t blogged in awhile for a couple reasons, but one was that I was so sick from morning sickness much of last year and that included the time over her third birthday.

This was the first year that I could ask her what theme she wanted, and she chose “Jessie” the cowgirl from Toy Story.

I did manage to whip up a quick invitation for the few family members that we had over.


The graphic designer in me, just HAD to design something!

And cupcakes were baked, of course. Barely. I opted for store bought frosting because although it felt so good to be in the kitchen and baking again, I was still pretty weak, and homemade cupcakes were about all I could muster.


Ok, and little fondant cowgirl hats. (I’m not good at taking it easy!) Which, unfortunately, were pink, because you have to add like a TON of red food coloring and that was just way too much work. (And yucky, but I’m not big into eating fondant decorations anyways.)

This year, for her Frozen themed 4th birthday party, I’m pretty excited over how her Elsa dress cupcake cake turned out. I’ll try not to wait a year to post that one. ;) But in the meantime, enjoy the posts of her first and second birthday parties.

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Pretty Peacock Birthday Party

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Poppin Patriotic Popcorn – another holiday trail mix!

I should probably stop referring to these as trail mixes, because according to the dictionary, trail mix is a mixture of dried fruit and nuts. Well, my Valentine’s Day Trail Mix did have dried fruit in it. And this Poppin Patriotic Popcorn does have nuts. So, close enough, right? Although the nuts are clothed in chocolate…

Anyways, the dictionary also states that trail mix was originally used by hikers and campers. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these mixes to keep your energy up while going for a hike, but they sure are fun!


Poppin Patriotic Popcorn – 4th of July Trail Mix:
Red & blue Wilton Candy Melts
Red & blue Peanut M&M’s
Salted popcorn
Kraft StarMallows marshmallows
Red Poprocks

1. Drizzle melted candy melts over salted popcorn. (Using salted popcorn gives you a nice salty & sweet combo.) Mix until evenly coated.
2. Sprinkle Poprocks over the popcorn. Tip: Do this before the candy melts harden. That way, they’ll stick to the popcorn instead of getting lost at the bottom of the bowl.
3. Toss in red and blue Peanut M&M’s and the small red and blue star shaped marshmallows.
4. Enjoy while watching fireworks.

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I made the above cupcakes for my best friend’s rehearsal dinner – red velvet cupcakes (using this red velvet cupcake recipe from Bakerella) with cream cheese frosting at the request of the couple. I also decided to give DIY cupcake wrappers a try!

Over on Intimate Weddings, they posted a fabulous tutorial as well as a free template for making these awesome cupcake wrappers out of a paper doily. (Click the links to check them out!)

The cool thing about them is that once you have the template, you can use it on any paper you want for endless cupcake wrapper possibilities.

My first attempt at DIY cupcake wrappers was for my “I’ve Got a Crush On You, Cupcake” post. I then used a paper punch to punch out little hearts. I didn’t exactly love how they turned out, but like I said, endless possibilities! It’d be fun to try a different paper in the future, or add ribbon or embellishments!

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More trail mix inspiration! After my Valentine Trail Mix and St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix, I just can’t get enough of these! They’re easy, tasty and I love to stroll through the candy and snack aisle while pondering what concoctions I’ll mix. (Actually, with a toddler, it’s more like grab anything off the shelf as fast as possible and get the heck out of there, but I digress.)

Even though it’s no where near spring weather wise, I’m continuing with that theme and created some Spring Trail Mix to bring home for Easter. I’m hoping my family forgives me for not bringing cupcakes. ;) Trail mix is so quick to throw together!


Spring Trail Mix:
Trader Joe’s Coconut Chips
Coconut M&M Eggs
Market Pantry Chickadee Crackers
Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies Crackers
Pretzel Sticks
Springtime Pink & Yellow Chocolate Chips

Tip: Have you ever had coconut chips before? I dare say, that even if you don’t like coconut, you just might like these. They’re more like strips/pieces, but they’re crunchy like chips and have so much coconut flavor! They’re so good I can eat them plain, but I was introduced to them when a friend used them as a topping over whipped cream and fresh fruit. So addicting.

Happy Easter! I hope it’s filled with a little something yummy!

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Spring into crafts? More like blizzard-warning-unplowed-roads-freezing-cold-tons-of-snow craft. At least it was the day I hosted this “spring” craft about a week ago. But that didn’t stop my moms club from having a fun spring craft!

My spring craft was based off of two ideas I had seen on Little Family Fun. This blog is packed full of craft ideas that are cute, simple and easy to follow.

First we made “The 12 Days of Easter” craft.
I cut 1-inch strips of white paper and the kids colored them as they wished. Then each piece was folded into a loop and taped or stapled until we had a chain of 12 attached to one another. The end result is to hang it up in your house, and take off one loop each day until Easter!

After awhile, sitting at the table and coloring just wasn’t cutting it, so I gathered everyone that was interested and we played “Hop Like a Bunny”.
I placed 10 plastic eggs that were labeled 1-10 in an Easter basket. Each child took turns picking an egg and reading the number. Then they hopped like a bunny as many times as whatever number they picked and everyone counted along with them.

The Snacks

I had spotted these Pepperidge Farm butterfly shaped pretzel thins and crackers months ago and just knew they would be perfect for my spring craft. I used a flower shaped cookie cutter on some cheese slices to add to the cracker plate.

Lastly, I went a lot simpler with my sugar cookies and just rolled them in some pastel sprinkles before baking.

Luckily, it’s finally feeling like spring around here!

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